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The once-vibrant Lebanese society has become extremely vulnerable...
...and is now in critical need of international aid & charity.

Lebanon is facing multiple crises and its economy is in deep trouble.
In a matter of months, the value of the Lebanese Lira was divided by 22. The government is failing to secure basic needs and hospitals and schools are shutting down. The Lebanese people are left with medicine and energy shortages and are struggling to survive.
Hopelessness is driving massive emigration.


Famine is becoming a major problem, especially for the most vulnerable: children, the elderly and the homeless. Food and clothes are being provided by the international aid and, as winter approaches, are still much needed. Poverty is becoming more problematic due to hyperinflation. The huge number of refugees is also problematic.


The need for medicines and supplies is becoming more critical as the medical sector was already suffering due to the economic crisis and the surge in Covid-19. There is still a major need for financial support, qualified health personnel and medical equipment not only for hospitals, but also for specialized health facilities. Rebuilding hospitals is an ongoing process.


The multitude of crises have triggered an unprecedented social and economic pressure on Lebanon’s educational system which, not long ago, ranked among the best in the region. Schools are struggling, as parents can no longer afford to pay tuition fees in a country where more than half of the educational system is privately funded.

The educational system is in dire need of psychosocial support, training for teachers and remote learning support.


SMEs are the backbone of any economy and play a major role in prosperity and job creation. Lebanon is famous for many niche areas (agriculture, handicrafts, embroidery, IT ….) and counts numerous skilled and talented workers. By promoting and assisting projects, Lebanese would consider staying in the country.


Many facilities were damaged or destroyed in the following sectors: solid waste recycling, sorting and composting, healthcare waste storage, solid waste collection and transportation equipment and environmental monitoring. Other projects involving clean air, clean water, recycling and renewable energy were either stillborn or shelved due to political bickering or corruption.

OUR projects

Below are some of our projects.
You can see the full list here.

March 2024

A multi-stakeholder project that harnesses the creativity and passion of students to create and fund a cancer center for supportive care, in collaboration with Outerpond, ALBA, and the Barbara Nassar Association


Pioneering civic engagement and citizenship education in Lebanon, in partnership with USJ, the TAMARI Foundation and the Diane foundation.

July 2023

Supporting schools for marginalized communities: children with special needs or coming from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds


A comprehensive solar infrastructure for Compost Baladi, in collaboration with Free Energy

November 2022

Agreement with USJ foundation to double the amount of the donations made to cover college tuitions


School fees for 6500 students in 43 schools,
in collaboration with CAS association

JULY 2022

Launching of a process to ship medical equipments
to 12 hospitals in Lebanon, under the supervision of Change Lebanon

JULY 2022

Treatment for paediatric cancer patients,
in collaboration with CHANCE LEBANON association and SOS Liban médicaments

JULY 2022

Food aid for 6 months for the Institute of Auditory-Phonetic Rehabilitation (IRAP)

APRIL 2022

Solar power in 3 schools, in collaboration with FREE Energy

June 2021

More than 80 000 boxes of infant milk donated to Lebanon in times of severe shortage, in collaboration with Fonds de Dotation France Liban and Fondation Abou Zeid (among others); distributed by Beit El Baraka & supervised by Change Lebanon

January 2021

A refrigerated truck and kitchen equipments offered to Berrad El Hay association, in collaboration with The Lebanese Food Bank, allowing to increase by 200 the number of meals they cook and offer every day


Distribution of food boxes to 200 families for over 6 months, in collaboration with the Lebanese Food Bank

Together we can make a difference!

PARTNER, SPONSOR OR VOLUNTEER, Lebanon will be grateful!

We need you now more than ever, so please don’t hesitate to hit the JOIN US NOW button. Whatever your input, be assured it’ll have a huge impact as every effort counts!

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