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Food boxes

ALAM donated 400 food boxes
to Volunteers Together to help families in need

Volunteers Together is a non-profit organization that was established in Lebanon in 2003 with the goal of improving the lives of underprivileged families. The organization aims to empower these families to become self-sufficient and to secure their basic human rights, including the right to live with dignity. To achieve this, Volunteers Together relies on the support of donors and partners to provide adequate funding and resources.

One of the ways that the organization helps families in need is by distributing food boxes. Since the devastating Beirut Port explosion, the need for food assistance has increased, and Volunteers Together has been distributing food boxes to 200 families each month.

The food boxes contain a variety of items, including grains, canned food, and cleaning supplies like detergents. These items are carefully selected to meet the basic needs of families and to ensure that they have access to nutritious food and the necessary supplies to maintain hygiene.

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ALAM donated 400 food boxes, ensuring that more families are provided with the essential goods they need to survive during these challenging times.

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Families helped by the NGO live in Beirut and its suburbs (Ashrafieh, Nab3a, Bourj Hammoud). They come to the NGO’s attention after being listed by volunteers or after completing an application form at the center. Eligibility is then studied after conducting an assessment to determine the family’s income. Volunteers Together ensures that the most in need are helped first, by providing mostly food assistance but also, in some cases, financial aid to pay their rent.

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Volunteers Together is a dedicated organization that works tirelessly to improve the lives of underprivileged families in Lebanon. By supporting this NGO, ALAM is making a positive impact in the lives of those in need, reducing suffering, and promoting a better quality of life for people living in extreme poverty.

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